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2001-09-10 22:19:40 (UTC)

I don't like mondays - It is not true just a nice song I heard

Today I worked some hard but get less as ever.
I had great ideas of beeing big but all needs
the same things. So they did as just ideas.
My friends had come back from beaches I knew
now. I write words wrong for her, but I will
fix it later. I may use time to say good things
not to tell stories about people was saying.
The future and present better than past for
I learnt that people was saying worst things because
they are only thinking in prize that pratice life
can give to them. Not romantic, so lier, I don't like
lies or people that uses third part to get
favor from others. So weak and less intelligent.
Tomorrow the day will be better because Springer
is comming. I liked the song I don't like mondays.
The singer was a benemerite people I read in internet.