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2003-01-14 20:04:33 (UTC)

The day after bitchfest

So, I've decided that today is another day, since yesterday
I was a bitch! Let's just say that if I had wrote an entry,
it wouldn't have been very happy. :-(
My day started off wiht me missing my bus because these
people were too busy chatting to let me go by. I knew that
it was going to leave and I know that I probably wouldn't
have caught the bus, but I was going to try! Anyway, I
ended up getting mad at them, before I remembered the
little life lesson that Mike taught me on Sunday and began
to actually laugh it off... I still made it on time for my
class today. I guess I forgot that I usually catch two
busses early because of this exact thing. Anyway....
I get to class and I make this discovery this morning
that's going to prove the prof wrong on something...
nothing major, just the fact that I found a diagram in a
newer version of a book I just so happen to own, that he
said didn't contain the diagram. I knew he was wrong and
since he made such a big deal about it, I thought that I
would show him this morning. He didn't care... I didn't
Now, I'm here, mainly because I wanted to see Mike's
post... and now that I did, and didn't see what I wanted to
(you can probably take a guess what I mean... I always spaz
about you not showing that you read someting that I had to
say), I'm laughing it off and am going to tell you about
some stuff that I did see....
Mike jinxed his computer broken on Sunday when he went to
get his shoes from the pool change room since he forgot
them there, and I went on his computer to check my email.
When he got back, he made a comment something like "you're
now trying to break my computer?". I just either stuck out
my tongue or gave him my usual glare (I can't remember
which), and got off his computer. Well, he shouldn't have
said that to me... now he has no computer and he knows how
I feel with no laptop since I've given up on it.
I must laugh at Mike for going to the wrong class... lol...
didn't think that was his style! :-P
I need coffee too and I'm not complaining.... actually, I
really shouldn't have the coffee considering I had weigh in
last night.... I'll talk about that in a bit.
I'm thinking that I want to finally get another website up.
I don't even know if my old one is working, but I want
something different. I don't know, but if I ever get the
time to design it, I'll love to have it! :-)
Anyway, I'll just tell you about last night since I have to
get to it eventually. I lost 2.8 pounds this week. I'm not
too happy since I'm used to losing like 5 pounds in the
first week. I think it's okay, and I treated myself this
morning and had an apple pastry. I'll probably have lunch
at school too, but I'll go to the caf and get a sandwich...
or a wrap. Then again, I discovered last night at the
meeting that having a wrap from a place doesn't mean it's
going to be low fat! :-) I'll count it though. Tomorrow, I
can go back to brining my lunch to school. I have a long
day tomorrow..... I should write my schedule on here.....

10-11: Humn 2201
4-5:30: Engl 2231

11-12:30: Astr 2205

10-11: Humn 2201
1-4: Psyc 3383
4-5:30: Engl 2231

11-12:30: Astr 2205
1-4: Psyc 3351

10-11: Humn 2201

Nice schedule, huh? As you can see, I'm done for the day,
and I could go home, but I don't want to because: a) it's
cold outside, and b) I have notes to copy!
Anyway, I'm sure that I've bored you all to pieces right
now, so that's it for now. I'll write when the next thing
happens to me.... lol Back to studying!


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