CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-09-11 01:08:55 (UTC)

No WhErE

Guess who calls like out of the blue?!?! Ross I was like
what do u want?!?! and he was like nothing just to
talk....I was like ok and he never really even said
anything! But I had to get off an go finish mowing...So I'm
supposed to call him back soon....I'm still pissed off at
Clint though because of waht hes sayin about me. I'm
grounded ofr 2 weeks 2! So my dad says but like I'm going
to listen to him! Just because I didn't exactly strait up
talk to my mom before I didn't come home after school..I
just went with been and Krista and Shari and we went to
Nathans and chilled there! Thats it but they think i was
just with Ben. LOL But god its not even a big deal a left a
message for my mom and its not like I did't try to get
ahold of anyone I tried and I thought my mom was going to
be off work today but I guess she got called in thats why
she never answered her call phone....Well I beter go before
I get caught on here!!! Later...