A diary of a young Kacheek
2001-09-11 01:01:30 (UTC)

My first day in the battle feild

Today Alli aka aaroncsgirl123 took me to the battle feild
to have a friendly match with a techno named Konga15. I
lost because it was my first ever fight but I enjoyed it
and I got to visit fairie land to get my hit points back. I
stated out well with a punch and a defensive kick then
Konga15 struck back with a poison snowball and that was it.
I had to leave with no shame but a new learning experence.
After I was healed I went down to the park to swing and
think about my day. I saw her talking to some mynci's. I
walked up and said hi. And she introduced me to her
friends. I wondered why a Techno was talking to some
Mynci's but she then told me her former owner accedently
gave her a dreadful potion that turned her into a Techno
and then put her up for adoption. Now me and Techno are
friends and I'm excited to go back to the battle feild
someday to learn more things about fighting. Its a little
scary but once you get to know it its really fun.
www.neopets.com is a cool site and I'm glad to be living in
neopia. Ive never had a diary before so my owner Alli
(aaroncsgirl123) is helping me alot by telling me when I
spell something wrong.