Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-14 18:46:23 (UTC)


Weeeeeeee...I feel kinda good today and I don't even know
why....I have a lot of things to write about but I don't
know if I have enough time.
Well today was my teacher's meeting with the parents.My mom
got out on a good mood so he didn't tell her anything bad
about me..this is a good start hehe..
Another thing...we had classes with Sean..he was really
shocked when he found out my classmates are cheating on
tests...poor him....he didn't realised what romania means
In the math class Valentina was saying bas stuff about
me,that I dont clean the blackboard,that there is not
enough chalk so she finally got me mad...but as Moromete
said once in a book...the word hurts worse than the i send her a little note,I wrote "cainele moare
de drum lung si prostul de grija altuia",whoch
means ....the dog dies because of the long way home and the
stupid dies because of not minding his own business"
I didn't really want to tell that to her but she really
came and ruined our friendship..our class and this is not
What else.....hahahaha...see you tomorrow
P.S My principal teacher wants us to write down our
opinions and suggestions and give them to him without
signing them...hahaha...i will write the truth and I will
sign it coz I'm not afraid of saying the truth