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2003-01-14 18:35:57 (UTC)

Online worship

Its been a few days since I wrote my last entry. I had the
time, but I did not feel up to sitting down and typing my
thoughts on computer.As usual a few things happened. I
think chatting online is an addiction. I visited my normal
chatroom and thought to myself how weird people are. They
say nasty things about other people, when they actually
don't know them. Whats this world coming to??.

My kids started school yesterday. Finally my husband and I
got the house to ourselves...not that we hate the kids
being at home or anything...its just that we finally do
get to spend some quality time together. It was great!.

I also joined an online worship group which is a good
thing for me..I guess. Feel a little out of place there
though because I am not too familiar with the bible..but
then, I guess thats ok, because they made me feel welcomed
anyway. Joined Powerhouse Gym as a member...seeking to get
fit here. Am excited about exercising, but haven't gotten
down to doing it (There's always a tomorrow).

Oh well, seems everythings in place. Feel so sleepy
now..will take a nap and come talk more sense later.