"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-11 00:40:19 (UTC)

My good day

Well, today I went to school all my periods and then in
fourth I was pretending to be gay to a couple of boys so
that was pretty kool and i not GAY its just kool to see
them when they make there faces and run. After all that
was said and done it was really really hot and I did not
want to go to football practice but I went anyway. At
first it seemed pretty kool but that did not last long and
it was all hot then all of the sudden it cooled off. My
teamates and me were very happy then. Then we went to team
were JV and varsity split up. It was cool then we ran the
play where I am a slot in a double slot. Then our coach
must have lost his mind he told me to go to Tight End. So
I did for this pass play and I thought it was only for that
one play but I Kept playing there and I was blocking the
best out of all the linemen. so that was neat. Then after
practice I had to go and pick some cups up coach said I
volneteered but I really did but caoch did it for me so it
was all good. then I did that got my cloths on and headed
out the door and then I came up on my 1994 Carmao and
everybody came and looked at it that was kool then I left
the buliding...

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