my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-14 17:47:38 (UTC)

toaster strudel *ummmmm*

yes thats my wonderful breakfast and lunch. because i dont
know what to eat because i dont want to waste time cooking
lol. cookin bores me when im alone. thats when i talk to my
self... lol...but you knowthat really *does* run in my
family... *everyone* talkes to them selves. OOOO that
reminded me i was going to look up our geneology becaue i
was curious... and so's my dad... he said one of our
cousins did some geneology on his part of the family once,
and on my grandma's side apoarently we've been inthe us
since the 1700's. but i was like ok thats not really what i
wondered. i want to know if i have any french or anything
in my. lol. but i find it interesting. geneology. AHHH my
biology report is on cats why didn't i do my family lol.
the evolution of my family *hah* thats would have been
hilarious. dang. that would have been fun. real hard
though.. but ah... oh lol we were goingthrough the tunnel
(dad me and shawn) and we were talking about geneology and
shanw wzs lke "theres a site u can go to.. something
liek... i cant remember jews or something have it" and dad
was like "oh mormons" and shawn was like "yea the mormons
have it" so i was like "ok... so whats the site?
www.mormon.com?" i was jokin btu it was funny. yea... any
way im eating... strawberry kiwi toaster strudel.. with
watermelon frosting... but it doesn't taste water melong to
me... any way im trying to do the geneology thing and also
go to jergens. com lol ad tryin to Eat. bye.
p.s. pillar is agood group! im listening to their song
further its pretty...