All in the Night
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2001-09-11 00:32:47 (UTC)

life sucks

WEll, i just found out that Doug is dating somebody...i
dont know why that bothers me so badly, but it really made
me sad today....anyways,i went to piano and it went
surprisingly well...i got a new song which is hard a hell,
and then i'm playing beauty and the beast too, it's sooo
pretty...i remember when one of my friends an i used to
talk on the phone and play the piano with each other hehe.
Anyways, i have been completely pissed off this weekl, amd
it's onyl MONDAY!!!!! OK Get this: on Saturday Katie just
suddenly quit talking and when we asked her what was wrong
she would never answer. So we figured she was just tired
and would be happy today. well, was i wrong. She got out
of the car and wouldn't even talk to me or amanda, yet she
would carry on a conversation with anybody else that came
up...she pisses me off so damn bad. She'll just wuit
talking to people and expect us to know why or what's wrong
with her. OH and her life is "so bad" i mean seriosuly
she has nothing to complain about. The Depression Quessn
need to get over it. God i wish she would read this so she
could see how bad she pisses people off...and it's not just
me. Agh, she can be such a bitch, i swear i think i hate
her sometimes!!!!!! And yes, i know that everyone who
reads this will be like "why poor KT?" well this is MY
diary so there. Anyways i'm out.

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