The Sexy Blonde
2001-09-11 00:09:18 (UTC)

Monday 9-10-01

Hey Readers,

I am doing okay, I slept over at my boyfriends
house this weekend. Friday we didn't do anything except get
mad at each other but we made up, I practically yelled at
him while he was at work and it made everyone in his family
uncomfortable. His (meaning Jose, my boyfriend) mother,
brother, sister, her husband, and their child and I went to
a two year olds birthday party, and stayed for a few hours.
My boyfriend and I have been together for 206 days or other
words next 18th will be 8 months. Well school has been okay
lately, I am running for Homecoming. I'm getting around to
talking to everyone to vote for me! Everyone says I have
the face, I have the body, and I have the mind, soul, and
spirit, and brains too! My best girlfriend Vanessa got into
a car accident on Friday and she is limping pretty bad. I
would like to go take pictures with my boyfriend at Zoom In
Zoom Out.

Guess what I am hooked on? I started drinking ice
tea, or Cool Nestea, and I am hooked on coffee but not too
much! Well I talked to my boyfriend on the payphone at
school for about 15 minutes it is nice hearing a familiar
voice during school.

School has been okay, I failed a test and got a 31 on
it. Only 3 people passed it though! My first period is
English, 2nd is Spanish, 3rd is Geography, 4th is Phys
Ed. , 5th is IPC, 6th is Keyboarding, and 7th is Algebra.
Keyboarding is great because I am a fast typer, about 80
words to 102 words per minute. I promised my self I would
not wear a dress or skirt to school again because of all
the attention I got from guys and it made me uncomfortable.

My mom and I are doing great, I have been cleaning
the house and vaccuuming everyday. I also mow and weed-eat
the lawn every week. I am happy it started raining here in
texas this last week! It was great for our lawn. Well I got
to go ! I had my rag all last week and a little this week
and now at the moment. Well can't wait for those babies!!

Good Luck readers and remember to write me some feed
back and ask some questions!!