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2001-09-11 00:06:07 (UTC)

my background continued...

....As I said running is my life and its my key to
college.I run up to 8 miles a day sometimes and 30 a week.I
wasnt always this disciplined though. Up until last year i
was so lazy i could hardly make it a lap around the track.It
made other people on the team mad cause they worked their
butts off and would sometimes get 2nd or 3rd and i would sit
on my butt and win every race i did.oh I forgot I used to be
a sprinter easy stuff trust me.I just started to feel like i
wasnt accomplishing anything. Id look at the distance people
and think man they really work hard They really accomplish
things.but I didnt start thinking like this on my own thats
where "JOE"(we'll call him joe for privacy reasons) comes
into play.Imagine the perfect guy (ok not completely perfect
but you know) Hes tall,tan,BLUE eyes,and always makes you
smile.Now imagine that this wonderful guy is your
TEACHER/COACH.Not so perfect anymore huh.I dont know how to
explain it but its like when two people just click but its
at a totally bad time.hes 25 and im 17.I graduate in 8
months and until then im an athlete and hes my coach nothing
more.Its tough sometimes cause I care about him so much but
I cant show him any type of affection and nor him to me. Its
even harder when we get blamed for having a relationship by
the head track coach.he'll tell people that im "joes"
girlfriend and i think hes tring to get both of us in
trouble.But anyways last year was "joes" first year at my
school and i ended up having him for 4th block track."Joe"
is an incrediable athelete and an awesome coach.You can just
tell that he loves running so much its his life.And during
that one semester he taught me so much more about racing
than anyone in my entire track career had ever taught me.He
taught me how to work hard,accomplish things i never thought
i could do and most of all how to love what i do.I love
running and its all because of him and his inspiration in my
life.I dont know what i would be doing if I had never had
him there to show me these things.Over that semester I also
got to know him really well and we became really close.We
can talk to each other about anything and I have honestly
never met anyone like him.I couldnt imagine my life without
him.It may sound screwed up but its really not. I mean its
not like im 17 and he 53 or something.I dont care about my
stupid school or the age difference all i care about him and
whether or not he is happy.I would give my life for his in
an instant just to spare him the pain.I love him.

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