2001-09-10 23:34:36 (UTC)

Slow Day

John begins his usual schedule today of two 12-hour day
shifts followed by two 12-hour graveyard shifts and then
four days off. He was home on vacation for six weeks and
now that he's back to his regular work times, I'll find
myself turning to say something to him and then remembering
he's not home. He is good about calling from work, though,
when he can and will often call several times. I enjoy
Today my Girl Gang packet came in the mail! Woo hoo! The
Girl Gang features monthly projects and patterns for the
"primitive enthusiast". That's me! Each month I get a
different project as well as recipes, sewing tips, book
reviews, article recommendations, poems and information on
how to order goodies like a pin and necklace, designer
buttons, or a specially made pottery Christmas cup and
saucer, and kits for some of the projects.

The first month we're making a notebook to keep all the
patterns in. It has an applique house with flowers coming
out of the chimney. I have the notebook and the pattern and
MORE than enough fabric! In fact, I'm having a hard time
deciding on which fabrics I want to use. I also received the
dividers which include the following categories: Misc.,
Stars, Houses, Hearts, Flowers, and Baskets.
I have a dental cleaning/check-up appointment this morning.
I picked the right day. Sunday's newspaper had a coupon for
10% off on a purchase of $50 or more at Safeway so I stocked
up on milk and meat. These are two basics with hungry
teenage boys in the house. I think I spend more on milk
than on any other single food item. Thank goodness I have
an extra refrigerator in the garage as well as a big