Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-14 12:36:14 (UTC)

It's not even 7A

Well, I'm up as usual before the crack ass of dawn.
However, if I'm going to work in a hotel again, I probably
need to get use to getting up early. OH well. Plus, my
stuff from the Vegas is waiting at UPS so when it gets a
tad bit later I will head there and probably stop somewhere
and have some breakfast and read the material.

Tonight I'm having dinner with the 'rents, but at least its
my fave resturant, and somewhere deep inside me gets some
jollies off knowing that it's Jim's fave place to eat too
and since he fucked me over, he doesn't get to eat there
any more. Unless he brings his fucking nurse girlfriend to
Destin with him. I can't fucking believe he's pulling that
crap again of trying to get info out of my friends and
giving them info to pass on to me to make me feel jealous,
well Jim, guess what, I don't fucking care!!!!!!!!

Well, Buffy is on, and I need to relax bc today will be
long, two really crappy drives today... UGH

Bye for now,