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2003-01-14 12:16:50 (UTC)

Shawn Gaffin 1-12-03

I had this friend named shawn back in the day,
he was chill as hell and i thought was pretty cool.
But then he got way to cool for me just like that,
and all busy with frats girls and school.
We use to party, get hammered and shitty,
those were priceless times from back in the day.
We always use to bullshit about everything,
and we both always had a smartass comment to say.
We use to watch this chick laura try and dance,
to that horrible fucked up song by brittney spears.
We still laugh our asses off about it,
even now after all these years.
He use to drink but then he passed right out,
couldn't have with me because he's a light weight.
His appartment was always a mess when i came over,
but before i left i would always make sure it was straight.
I even bought him a poster for christmas one year,
of a marijuana plant from spencers at fourseasons mall.
But he got drunk and tried to smoke it right off the wall,
he laughed at me when I told him this sad story.
About when i got vodka in my eyes when i was in the bahamas,
but i got him back when i took a picture of him.
when he was drunk and put on my pink princess pajamas,
HAHA and that time we were obviously drunk and climbed up.
on the railroad tracks on lydia's bridge why? i don't know,
but a train came right toward us so we leaped in the woods.
and all immediatly stood up slowly and all yelled out WOHA,
There are so many other times i could sit and write about.
those things will never be told or forgotten by him or me,
All the times me and him have shared are inside my heart.
and inside of my heart all of those times will always be,
Most of these things that i'm writeing about in this Poem.
are inside jokes no one else but us would even understand,
That is the greatest beauty of haveing moments like these.
that are cherished jokes and moments i share with my friend.

dedicated to shawn gaffin

~Ashley Lynn Archer

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