One hell of a life
2003-01-14 09:05:58 (UTC)

1-14-03 entry twenty nine

God my exams suck ass...the only real good ones were
Chinese, I.T. (i'm pretty sure) and literature. English was
pretty crap (a pass though), art was actually okay,
geography was a bad pass, maths was not bad (a pass), and
omfg biology..I don't even want to mention it. My parents
find out, they will KILL me. Well they'll be totally
disappointed and I hate that. It was a fail. I hate failing.

ENOUGH. I hate school. I hate talking about school. I hate
the people at school. (well they're okay). (yeah, they're
not bad).

So, Friday Lois is dragging me out to C's, a new bar
everyone goes to. Sounds kinda cool, but who knows, guess I
gotta wait and see. Jason was being kinda strange on
MSN...he was asking me if I had this virus, ("nope") then
he said, "I can come over and fix it ;) ;) *rose*". Then I
was like, "hehe, um yeah!". He said, "well I'll invite you
over next friday, okay?"

Lois says he looks like a rat. Haha, awww. I didn't ever
really think he was THAT hot, but I never thought he was
THAT ugly either. Strange - cause she used to have a crush
on him (lois i know you're reading this) ha.

(and cause i know you're reading this im gonna write what
you said I should write). Steff probably has a crush on
lois. (you want me to go into detail dont you!?) She was at
Carrefour and he noticed her, then sort of followed her
around watching her.

How sweet. Uh, yeah so anyway, i got homework to do, I'm
gonna go listen to Avril, update my site, then go take the
dog out and watch some F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Oh and FYI, my uncle and aunt from austria have moved here.
They got a house in a compound next to ours. It's a pretty
big house, but still smaller than ours. HOW WICKED!? My
uncle is the funniest guy in the world. Honestly. And my
little cousin (three) is adorable. She's playing with the

Okay, you know what seems to be an issue with me these days
is going on and on and on about useless info.

BUT! I'm going to shut up, get on with it, and go do some