The UnEven Eye
2001-09-10 22:31:55 (UTC)

GLEE! I forgot some more stuff. I hope this send is long. because I need a long send to get this out.

Alright this how I feel. I suppose.
I think I will begin right here with today.

Sometimes I wonder how much, my friends need me. I
mean I love my rpg friends. Probably the best ones I
have. I must admit. I mean if I had to I would send them
money, if It would help them out. Thats how much I've
grown attached to them. How much I want to see their
gleeful sends.Which in the end makes me happy. To know
that i helped. Which sometimes keeps me going to the
next day.

Sometimes, I hit these rough days, when the person I
want to see most is going away, Or taken I should say.
as to the fault of the company I seek, and keep. Mainly
my Online buddies, who are BETTER than my normal

In this shortened form. I'm here to talk to them,
Hell I enjoy helping them. I wonder sometimes, If
they remeber me. I think they do. But I grow distant
with them. I think will try this talking bit. Stay up
to see Mickey, cause I worry him.He's like my father.
I look up to him. Lol. Yes Mickey, your like my father.

To get the rest of this out.

I'm depressed severly, my parents are blind sighted
bitches not to notice. I mean I talk to them.
Different lanagues sometimes, thats how much they
annoy me. To much. I swear, I get along better with
the dog, then I do with them.Because she does listen
better prehaps . YEP. ding dong we have a winner. I
think I will consider Taking a flying leap off the
bridge, and land on a rock. *NOD* after I talk to
mickey though. Best friend I wish to consider him as.

Anyway. I think i got my stress out, and made a
pretty long send that I wanted to make. *cheers up a
tiny bit*. OS I guess thats it. I might even send
this link to mickey.He's been annoying for it the
past week. LOl. least i could do. Well. I think
I'm done here. Now. Maybe for a day or two, which I
highly doubt. More like ten minutes before I need to
rant out again, since i refuse to talk in this place
we call reality. Not worth my breathe. These people at

See thats what i mean. Lol. I started to rant again.
No way around it I fucking swear.

Like I said have a great day people. Stuff you can find
me whispering. " Take a flying leap off a bridge and
hit every fucking rock on the way". Lol just kidding.