Cosmic Rain
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2003-01-14 05:52:26 (UTC)

not much really

I have pins and needles again.

I stood up to get a cuppa and nearly fell over, cause I had
no leg.

Glad I wasn't carrying scissors.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented man..I like him.

Cause christmas would be a bitch without them.

I'm not very smart.

I keep resting on my leg and foot the wrong way. So I keep
getting pins and needles..

I need to do it Da Vinci Style.

Maybe that is how Da Vinci invented scissors.

He was sitting down wrapping presents and ripping paper and
it was taking him ages to get the right sizes of paper for
each present and in this taking ages, he developed pins and

He needed a quicker way of cutting the paper, so less time,
less chance of pins and needles.

Wallah scissors

Hmmmmm, there is nothing in that for anyone.

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