2001-02-16 01:37:27 (UTC)

Hello everyone~ I hope you had..

Hello everyone~
I hope you had a good Valentine's Day. If not I'm really
sorry. Mine was nice. I woke up earlier then my man and
went to buy him a balloon. Then I came home and tied it to
a picture frame I got him with my picture in it. Then I
woke him up. After that we just kinda chilled for a while
and then I gave him a relaxing bath and then a sexual
shower. Over all it was a very good day.

Get this, today I was supposed to work and then when I got
there they cancelled my shift. I was kinda mad but then
again I'm not cuz I get to see my man sooner then before.
I'm like totally not liking the fact that they did that but
I guess it's Disney I can't expect less.

I don't have much else to say so I'm gonna jet.