The Glass Ocean
2003-01-14 05:24:28 (UTC)

A thought

The mood is relentless
The thoughts will never leave
They hover over every hour
Encompass every moment
The idea of you is all I have
Just one thought
Enough to rip through each second like glass
Tearing open fresh flesh
They can create and kill
Can build up an entire empire from dust
And in the same day send it all crashing down
These thoughts
Running through me in a race for greatness
And the sweetest ones
Leaving my stomach aching with emptiness
A pleasurable pain
Were dreams are invisioned
Is it the reality or the dream
That breaks the spirit down
Causes the soul to cry
Is it for the unreachable tomorow
Or the hollow today
How a thought can be my life. - TorturedSmile

This was written about 2 years ago give or take a couple
months. (I think)

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