2003-01-14 04:49:08 (UTC)

January 13th, 2003

Hey!! was an ok day for me. Woke up a little
sleepy but thats ok. Had alot of energy at school. All my
classes went fine except for my french class. OoOoO i hate
that teacher. Sometimes she is nice and sometime she gets
on my nerves!! Today was my first day getting sent out of
french class!! But for a very stupid reason. We had to do
this thing where you pick a country, state or island. We
had this weird state Haiti which is pretty interesting. We
had to draw the flag of the island on this big white poster
board..which she kept. Then I think she called me and my
partners name to come up and get our board...but we didn't
hear because the whole class was loud. Then she goes '...Go
up to your advisory now...' I go '..Us?' And she nods her
head and i go what for...we didnt do anything. Then she
goes ' aren't paying attention..go to your advisory.'
Me and my friend go at least send us out for a better
reason! Just because we didn't hear you call our names dont
mean we arent paying attention. God people act like a big
FAT COW these days!! Well my day after went fine..still
pissed at the lady but I dont give a damn. Anyways..gotta
go sleepy now. Good-Nite!!(zZzZz)