*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
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2003-01-14 04:42:02 (UTC)

"make me wanna holla the way they do my life...this aint livin!"

hey hey, it's chi just sitting here listenin to marvin
gaye, wishin i was near my "girl". ahhh, amy sent me a
fucked up email, something about she's getting her p****
eating better than i ever did. i'm so sure! i know i'm
the shit at that, so what tha fuck eva!

you had me sitting here.
wasting my time with thoughts of you.
you were mine once.
yet now,
i can tell the world about the pain you bring.
and the death,
that lay between your legs.
poison that runs down your thigh,
forming and puddle of ruin.
let the bitter tears fall.

now i smile.
never giving a second thought.
having no time to worry about your shit.
in the back of the back of my mind,
you lie.
cause i'm too busy thinking about her.

c****** (for amy of course)


yeah, so what's goin on lately?!?! working on working, and
livin on livin. my homegirls sara and kristin and i are
all goin in on a 3 bedroom house downtown. its nice, kinda
old, and needs work, but shit for $200 each, were all about
some "fixin up shit". get all dressed up in our dykes
finest and get to work. oh yeah!

"mother mother, everybody thinks were wrong...oh but who
are they to judge, simply cause our hair is long." ~marvin

wow, what happened to the days when all we had to worry
about was brushing our teeth before we went to bed...or
putting the lid back on the peanut butter jar. or when
recess was over! *sigh....those were the days. sucks when
you realize there is a part of you life you can never have
back! kinda makes me sad...*shrugs, ah well, gotta leave
never neverland sometime huh?!?!


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