If You Could Only See
2003-01-14 04:16:24 (UTC)

"'Cause everybody hurts, Take comfort in your friends" - REM

Everybody's life seems to be going great. All of my
friends have changed. I thought I knew who they were, but
I don't. I guess it is not possible to ever really get to
know somebody on that level. I would have never guessed
how each would turn out. I do not dislike the changes in
my close friends from middle school, but i am surprised in
them. If you had told me how happy on the outside and lost
on the inside Jess would be, I wouldn't have believed it.
Sorry Jess if you don't feel lost, but I see you as finding
yourself. Jess is so special. She is able to "shake off
the haters" very well. I just feel that some people have
hurt her and continue to hurt her and she doesn't know what
to do. She is her own person though, and that is the
greatest thing. I would have been able to predict how
Chelsea would be for the most part. She is still her
innocent self. I love Chelsea. She is my sis. We have
gone through so many things together. We know eachother
like the back of our hands. Well, I guess I don't know her
that well anymore, but I still love her. I am always here
and always will be whenever Chels or Jess needs me. Jess
seems to have here own close friends now and we have
drifted very far apart, but I think that she would be there
for me if I needed her be. Chelsea and I have drifted
apart too, but are still very close. This seems
contradicting, but it is really the truth. We have not
talked very much recently, but we still have the same trust
in eachother that we have always had. Whenever I need
advice on something, she is the one I go to. I went to her
with the past few people I have liked. Those haven't
turned out too well, but no hard feelings Chels. Chels and
I need to have some more 1 on 1s to let this kind of stuff
out. I enjoy writing it in a journal, but I never know who
reads it, if anyone does. I like that face to face
conversation where I can see her reaction to everything I
say. Well, it is 11:15 and Babyface - How Come, How Long
is over. I'll write again soon.