Procrastination is Key
2003-01-14 04:14:27 (UTC)

part two

took a little while but i've finally got the time to come
to the end of my story. However now that I think about it I
am not sure there is much left to tell. I started working
at the book rush wednesday- it was sooo busy- and I had no
idea what i was doing- she didnt (my boss) tell me
anything, just said "watch her for a few minutes". I
definitely needed to watch for about 30 min to see all the
different things that can come up - oh well- i just made
all the customers pissed for the first hour or so and made
the supervisor come over about every 5 min to help with
something. I've gotten the hang of it now- having worked
fri sat and sun as well. Only 4 more days to go- i am glad
i am getting a little money but I definitely dont want to
work any more than that b/c this semester is gonna really
suck- physics and organic both seem to have gotten much
harder in the few weeks I was on break:-/ so anyway- i
guess that is all- have a wonderful week everyone!