my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-14 03:35:08 (UTC)


hey today... i had school... and in drama, the teacher
decided she wanted us all to have an accent so... i
said "does that mean me and my husband should have the same
accent?" she said "yea so yall figure one out" so me and my
little husband were thinking then we were gonna be
british... then we changed.. to French!! so now we're gonna
have french accents! lol.... and my part... sarah, she
suggested(before class we were joking around) that i wear
one of those eye masks(cause my roel is always sleeping,
hence the name "sleeping beauty") and mrs karen(teacher) wa
like yea that'll be great! so now wow thats gonna make my
part soo muc hmore fun along with the accent lol im gettin
into it now!!! and wow... today i wa sreal nice to Ken...
i sat beside him in the assembly(we have them every
morning) and he had a cast i was like "whathappened?" and
he had a nerve removed... youch... besides im trying to
stop joking around with him lol i feel mean. but well i
couldn't resist.... we are doing an improviational
monologue, and he's doing jonah, and he had just said "the
fish ate me, lots of seeweed and garbage" and he was going
on then he said "aparently a piece of garbage the fish ate
didn't agree with him." and i said "ah i wonder what piece
of garbage that was??" and of course everyone got it lol
and laughed and ken just stood there with this evil look he
gave me while i grinned lol i was real proud of that one...
we constintitly joke each other. lolllll i just
hahhaha.... sorry its just funny. yes o dag! my sis found
out... that like... ok 3 people who did time for sexual
crimes like molesting children like right by us ahhhh thats
freaky. our neighboorhood seems so safe lol... one lives
the next street over, one lives like 3 streets over and the
other lives ON THE STREET THE SCHOOL IS ON. lol yea i was
like oh wow. ne way i have nothing to say i guess. thats
cuz im talking to Casey :) bye

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