my life...
2001-09-10 20:52:32 (UTC)

Yeah so.....

So here I am back in senior year...I don't know
whether to cry because I don't want to grow up and get on
with my life, or cry with tears of joy because for once in
my life, I can have a new start. I know on graduation day
I will be horrible.
So on a lighter note, I met this guy a week and a half ago.
His name is Ryan. He goes to Brunswick. I met him through
my best friend's guy. I asked him to Homecoming and he said
okay...but then Kayt and Cory got into a I don't
know what's going on...I don't know if she's going with
Cory or not...Ryan hasn't called me since thursday and we
were supposed to do something this week...oh well nothing
new...I really wanted to go with thie one certain guy to
HC...but I don't know what's up with that...hummm...not
mentioning any names though... :) we all know who I am
talking about...he's another one who likes to play here
today gone tommorow...guys are always dumb in relationships
ie calling, what girls want etc... well only time will
tell...I'll write more later... :)