champagne supernova
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2003-01-14 03:00:06 (UTC)

greener grass

well i go a new keyboard today so bear with me if my
typing is horible...
so anywho!i feel muc better ! i talked to a few peopleand
i straightened mysel out..thought things thru ya know? im
just peachy kee now...excpet for the fac ihave to do a 3
page rough draft tonit ad it MUST be turned in tommorow!so
i have to get t wrok i a miute... but i also had something
make me smile.and just put the happy feelig in me... i got
this e-mail from bobby and itwas from 5:30 this moring
beore he went to school..and it just made me feel so great
cause it said .." i was just thinking about you and thought
i would say hi before school" and we started this saying
this little thing to each other ..thats just something that
is between us..i think he knows what im talkng i
sure ill write it t some time durring this entry..lolandi
jut fel so great.. i love geting little things like
that.its the stupides htings that make me happy and i loved
it!! thanku babe! well everyone ihave to go...duty
calls..time to get to work....
i love him...."oh so much"....*wink wink*

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