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2003-01-14 00:38:03 (UTC)

I can't see

Stumbling through the darkness educated that no one's there
for me
lost and found what was lost is just a broken piece of what
was there
now I'm left with nothing and your something will always
comfort me
Until I find out that it's gone and mine had never been

Find out that I shouldn't live
I'm here to die
and morally commence my spirit
that I've been dead for quite some time
and I'm finally picking up the hint that now
I live to serve you under what I thought was my freedom
If you're my god, than what are you keeping me alive for?
I'm dead inside.. what has lived is rotting away
my body has yet to decay
But I'm living through what you had left to me
My fantasy
Where nothing's the way it seems
But I open my eyes to see all mankind
has changed into something I haven't
And now I can't breathe because what I can't see isn't
there and mt deception's elaborate
Already I feel the formaldrhyde
Flow through my veins as I cried
Preserve this ugly state so we can pay our last respects
the last time our eyes will lay on this site
I'm outside
And leaving is all I can do to keep myself
from screaming and shout
that now I can see that this rind I've been encased in is
nothing but a fantasy I see that I beleive in what we had
myself and I
When I died
I leave you to beleive in what you want because I have
nothing else to
you cannot tell me you think that I will survive
I've died
you tried to give me all that you had in mind but I kept
flowing like a bleeding cut the scabs peel back and I drain
out like candlewax in cellofame.. I've yet to make an entry
in your hall of fame
I give you the right to tell everyone that I was just a sad
case of nothing
Just recall me as a freak because the pain I felt means
nothing to you, and why should it because I was just a
dying case of pain that was struggling for death but to
afraid to end uselessness for he had no self respect that's
why apparently he's ended up in this pile of blood.

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