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2003-01-14 00:10:33 (UTC)

I hear the morning choir sing to me.. their elegy

yeah... ^'s AFI - Story at Three. I just picked up their
album yesterday, sunday the twelth of january 2003. The
album is so great.. the lyrics are wonderful.
I only wish I had te capability to write like that. I have
the feelings, but they are bottled up inside of me and it
doesn't help that I have no where the scream them out.
Boring day.. same old day. Didn't say a word all day, as
usual. I had my ears covered beneath my headphones from
start to finish of my day. I listened to what I needed,
but the rest isn't of my concern. My life's heading down
the shitter anyway, so what's it to me that alcohol is
formally called propanol. I don't need to know that shit..
I just want what will help me build as a
writer/poet/lyricist.. whatever.

I scratch these names across my wall and with my blood
turns red
Then drips upon my killing floor which now I call my bed
This cold and dark tormented hell is all I'll ever know
so when you get to heaven may the devil be your judge.
-Flogging Molly - Another Bag of Bricks

...I'm alone.

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