My Days...
2001-09-10 19:56:30 (UTC)

Hurray!! Hurray!! Hurray!!

I went back to college today. It's sad I know, but it was
great, just being their, note-taking etc...I'm so glad I've
got my routine back to normal and I've got something to
work through. Yay!! It's kinda sorted with Mark, I think
he's feeling better, but he's been telling me that he's
happy for ages. I'm gonna help him through this, even if
he won't accept physical help, I will be here for him
emotionally whenever he needs me and for whatever he
needs. I'm missing him though. Haven't seen him since he
broke down. (have I said about that? it happened on not go into it.) I'm seeing him after
college on Wednesday. Anywayz, gotta go.