Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-13 23:33:17 (UTC)

I am so sick of being used

I was out job hunting today and I called Ritchard, he asked
for us to go to lunch. I went to go pick him up and next
thing I know, he tells me he's got his, so I pay for my
lunch then he ends up having me pay for his fucking lunch.
Then he "asks" me to take him to lunch and I bet he's going
to call and ask for a fucking ride home from work. I live
like 20 minutes on a good night away from him and I am so
not doing it. Then Duane is begging for me to let him come
over and got annoyed when I wouldn't let him.

Ugh, my life is so fucked up. I really need a job and a
new life. Maybe one of these apps I've put in will come
through and I can make some good money and move away.

Well, gotta run,
talk to ya later,

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