A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-13 23:05:45 (UTC)


Wasssaaa nukkaz?!?! Well 2day wus like tha worst day of
my fucking life...well sorda n i aint gonna say y cus its
personal i'd ratha not say but u kno how it is n tha worst
part is im still GROUNDED ....well im still lonely w/o a mn
hopin dat i'll be happy soon but im pretty sure i will be.
My life is like hell rite now my parents r thinkin bout
sendin me 2 puerto rico so i can finish my studies..i'll
admit i'd have tha best fuckin time ova there (rite lin?)
lol but ima miss all my homiez of course n my ex boo boo u
kno who u are (no name) but i think it mite be betta fo me
cus livin in forida sux THANX!! LoL but its not fo sho yet
Ne wayz skool wus gay 2day like erryotha day so i jus
left 2nd hour cus i hate my fucking skool....if ne of u go
2 Taravella u guyz no wut im talkin bout (NUMBA 1 SKOOL OF
AIDS) LOL....Well i have nuttin much 2 say besides tha fact
dat im so depressed cus my life has jus bin turned upside i'll keep up wit tha 411 lata THANX (LIN)LOL

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