The Daily Babble
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2001-09-10 19:19:19 (UTC)

My weekend and my Birthday!`

Well quite a lot has happened since I last wrote....Lets
see... Last Friday, August 31st, I went to Jeff's after
work. Originally we were gonna meet up at his work but
then we got out around the same time so we just chatted on
the phone while we drove to his house...Actually first we
stopped off at Mandees cuz I wanted to get a new outfit in
case we went out, but unfortunately, I didn't find
anything. After that, we just drove down to his house.

He was all excited cuz his descrambler came in the mail so
that like made his day. We hung out for a while, talked to
his parents and then went to Friday's to eat. Now this was
incredibly funny cuz the food we got there was TERRIBLE. I
had a craving for their nachos and salad and the stuff was
SOOOO bad, but our waiter was the sweetest guy, so
everything he came to ask us about the food we'd smile and
be like "its really good" and then he'd leave and we'd
gag. I guess you had to be there. =-)

That nite we just chilled and watched movies with his
descrambler so that was pretty cool...we watched "Whipped"
and parts of other stuff. It was really cool though cuz
this time we both slept on his loft bed! Last time I slept
over, we slept on the futon. The bed is so comfortable,
but since Jeff was sick he was like radiating so much body
heat that I couldn't even sleep. And of course, this is
the one time he wants to cuddle right?! Haha. So I had to
like pry away from him each time...So I don't think either
of us slept much that nite.

Saturday morning we got up pretty early and got ready for
our big day...We drove over to the Macaroni Grill for
lunch. That was a really great place to eat. Our waiter
was a little strange but that's ok. The food was good.
Afterwards we went shopping and then I drove up to
Hillsdale for our Day Spa appointment. Woohoo. Jeff slept
most of the way since he wasn't feeling well....

The place was really nice, it was like a little house.
After making us wait for a while and fill out strange
forms, we were taken in for our steam showers and then got
foot and back massages...those were nice! After that, they
told us to take another shower and then come back for our
massages. Those were awesome! We got an hour full body
massage and then a cold face thing and a half hour foot
relexology which means its a 1/2 hour foot massage!!! That
was totally awesome...I semidozed off and Jeff started

AFter that was over, we showered and got ready for our nite
out, but unfortunately, Jeff wasn't feeling to really going
out, so we went to Namaskaar, this Indian resturant by
where I work and had a really great dinner and after that I
just drove us home. I really wanted us to go out and I was
a lil bummed, but I knew he was sick and there was a
possibility that we wouldn't go out, so I tried not to
complain. When we got back we were both so tired that we
just passed out.

Sunday we went out to breakfast after we finally woke up
and then I drove home. I got home and me and Cathlin drove
over to Christine's to hang out with her and Maria. That
was really nice. We had a good time...strangely enough,
there was a really cool fair in the park right next to her
house so we hung out there with her little cousin and just
talked and caught up. I had to leave around 5 and I got
home and watched a movie with my sister.

Monday we had guests over and whatnot and then I went to
temple with my parents. I really wanted to go before the
semester began and before my birthday. So I got all
dressed up for that and then we went out.

Then comes Tuesday....My birthday and the first day of
classes! My parents and sister and grandmother all wished
me a happy birthday and my grandmother gave me some money,
woohoo. =-)

I ran into very few people in my classes and on campus so
when I was done with classes, I just headed over to work.
That was really nice...Nimra got me all these different
presents...Gel pens since I'm obsessed with them,
Mechanical colored lead pencils, chocolate, and a Guess
watch. And Mustafa got me the colored highlighters I
needed for work. Then, before it was time to leave, the
all got Carvel cake. It was so sweet. We didnt' do
anything at home, but Cathlin came over and we hung out for
about an hour. She got me this really nice Nine West purse
cuz she knew I needed a purse....I didn't hear from Jill at
all so I was pretty upset.

I got a message on my voice mail Wednesday morning from
Jill but I dunno, I'm still kind of upset that she hasn't
bothered to contact me since and that she didn't care
enough to actually call to talk to me during the day.
Cathlin said that it seems that JIll doesn't really need us
anymore since she has her Barnes and Noble friends, and
maybe she's right...I dunno, its just very upsetting.

Anyway, Wednesday, I had work all day and then me and Jeff
met up in Clifton Commons to hang out....We went to
Applebees for just desserts. They were soo good but I got
so hyper afterwards. =-) We just went shopping and stuff
and then headed off since he was tired from work. But it
was still really good to see him.

Thursday was another day of school but I ran into a lot
more people that I had before so that was cool...and then I
just went home.

Friday was a busy day at work where we had a celebration
for Muhammed's birthday and then later that night I got
three missed calls from Jeff...When I finally got in touch
with him, I found out that he got our cellphone bill and
that it was $600!!!! Of course it was incorrect but it
still flipped us out! So all of Saturday afternoon was
spent at the AT&T store trying to figure things out and I
think after I visited with them this morning, that things
are finally settled. God help me, I hope they are!

Well I guess that's all...I ran into a lot of people today
so that was nice. I hope I know someone in my nite class
otherwise I'm gonna go nuts!

Well guess I'll talk to you all later