Troubled Goddess

Private matters...not so private!*~*! D
2001-09-10 19:12:06 (UTC)

Today was fun!

Hi GV!
Whatty up my pplz? Not too much here. I had alot of fun
at school today! I'm finally 16. I have been for 8 days
now and its cool... I got my permit on the 4th and havent
been out driving yet because Jay had a crash in his car so
it kinda sucked because he cant take me driving. But he is
going to take me in ange's car this weekened. Saturday is
my b-day party. Im really looking forward to it because
All of my friends and family are going to be there and i'm
going to get the coolest shit. Kanin gave me my b-day
present early and I think its so neat. Its a box lamp that
is clear and then it has this thinkg that you set on a
needle over a lightbulb that is leaopard printed. I think
things like that are so cute. Well ron wrote me a poem for
my b-day and gave it to me last night! It was the sweetest
thing he could have possibley done for me. I love him so
much. I mean he may not be the hottest guy in the entire
world but he is still my baby! I have loved him sense the
day that we met and I am going to love him till the day I
die. there is no man that could ever take his place. Hes
been here through everything and we made a promise to
eachother that after we both graduate and we are out of
school (at the age of 18) were going to get married and
start a family! I love him so much and i dont want to lose
him ever and I know that he feels the same way so I have
nothing to worrry about. We are just perfect for
wachother. well i better go for now.
Love always and forever,