*forever purple*
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2001-09-10 19:09:38 (UTC)


i'm very tired as i'm writing this for some reason. i
honestly don't know why that is. i'd really like to go to
sleep but that's out of the question for aaaaaages. i'm
taping *best of chili peppers videos* on mtv at midnite. so
ill b up 4 a while..
in case u were wondering, and as i hav nothing else
particularly intelligent to say, i am wearing a red t-shirt
and it is about 8.07pm. there. how interesting. bet you
didn't see that coming.
hey did you know, over in the u s of a, k-mart, wal-mart
and target refused 2 sell marilyn mansons album? LOL! all
the crappy little stores were out in force! tehe!
ok that wasn't funny. and neither am i, so i think i'll
wrap this one up. sorry it was short and pointless. i'll be
better next time..
luv, hugs and kisses a-plenty,

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