CoRnfLaKeS LiFe
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2003-01-13 21:59:46 (UTC)

A New Journal

OMG! Is it so hard to find a decent journal online these
days? Either you have to do this and that!

I found out about some grrrreat news! It's a three day
weekend coming up! and i have plans!! Whawho!

Friday- don't know yet
Saturday- Beach w/ J
Sunday- movies w/ J
Monday- lunch w/ J

**basically it's a weekend with the trio** lol

Well about the project that I finished in a hour
before deadline, I actually got an A on it for OUTSTANDING
performance.. He said it was pretty looking so he gave me
an A and the words in it didn't sound like a 15-16 year
olds, I sounded mature and stuff. Which is good on my part.
and I finished my project "legally" So I get major props on
that one. Today i'm re-arranging my room. Which i'm happy
about cause I gotta get that done.

Tommorow i'm getting my permit. I'm excited and
scared... both at the same damn time. Which is ok.. cause
i'm sure i'll pass.... "riiiight?" Hopefully.

Jake gave me the 411 on his band. Sounds like their
actually going to make it. They got a singer who looks like
the singer of Converge and a drummer. So They're HxC. Oh
yah. I give them props. Jake always wanted to do this his
whole life and he's achieving it. :) So YEY for Him :)

A "certaint someone" Is trying to be cool in front of
everyone I know, she's saying how she's into hardrock and
the bands are PTW and .hopesfall. First of
all .hopesfall. and PTW aren't "hardrock" their HxC!! I
shouldn't get angry about that though. Children just don't

School sucked today like EVERY other day. Homework is
tonight... 1-30. Sucks UGH!

I wanted the weekend to show up! I wanna get out of this
house and go to the beach!! OH! And my boyfriend is going
to go through with the Marines(howeveryouspellit) Soo.. i'm
going to live on base's with him.. me and tif and lace.
lol Sounds like a MAJOR road trip! Whawho!! I honestly
Can't wait till then! It's gonna be cool. But I might now
go with him because I don't know I wanna stay and get a
house and yadda yadda.. So you know. All those other things.

Well I have to go... Justin is here to talk me to Wal-
Mart. With my $20 gift card that I got from Christmas. lol
So i'm excited!!

--Lanni aka CoRnfLaKe