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2001-09-10 19:06:57 (UTC)

Poem, If You Will Not Leave September, 2001

I promise you a sunrise, if you will not leave
and stay forever with me now
On this edge of lonely beach
The sky our blanket, blue-black star studded
snuggly wraps peacefully around us
slowly warming from dawn's retreat
I promise you a sunrise
if you will not leave
And hold me gently in your arms
until I drift to dream-filled sleep
lulled by lapping moon drenched sea
White-capped waves from far away
pull me deep into green eyes that wait
for promises of pale blue skies
While night escapes
Soon, I promise you a sunrise
If you will but stay
with folded arms, hold me safely
as we drift to lovers sleep
In rhythm, while our hearts beat
with the breaking waves pounding the shore
I rest my head upon your shoulder
Dreamily floating
with shirtless back warmly pressed
into your naked chest
Rising and falling with each deep breath
by your soft warmth I know your kisses are real
For even in my slumber
your whispers calm my anxious fears
And from all the peace in my soul unencumbered
waking now, I share with you
As your eyes open and flutter awake in wonder
Already painted this glorious sunrise
For you to always remember
for, as you can see, I promised a sunrise
If you would not leave

S. Settles