the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-09-10 18:57:01 (UTC)


Mood - Happy 2day woohoo
Music - foo fighters latest album

hiiyyayaaa im in a more happy mood 2day, and b4 i go on
about me can i just say ... MY GOD MATTHEW U DID ENUFF
ENTRIES!!!!!!!!!! lol

anyway, back 2 me..me...MEEEE mmwwahahahahahaha lol *stops
bein an idiot* well, ahem...im in a happer mood 2day,
dunno why, probly just the fact im happier with my life and
stuff goin on in it, ive been talkin 2 bartman a whoe lot
more 2day, although not as much as usual, but im pretty
sure hes goin out wiv pooh, o well, who cares? i can get
sum1 else im sure, in fact, i think i already have sum1
after me, but its only over the net so not really
brilliantr but thats betetr than nuthin, although i am on
the lookout 4 a boyf around here hehe

im a bit pizzd off with a coupla ppl 2day, a guy in my
class that thinks he's god...lets call him...DJ eejit.lol.
well, i got my hair cut into a bob kinda thjing, shoulder
lenght, and he's 1 of these sex crazed maniac ''im
brilliant'' big shot types, and he only finks a girl looks
good if she looks like jordan. well, me having shorter,
black hair he went mental and ses ive ruined my hair, ses i
have a ''70s haircut cos only 70s gurls have hair above
their shoulders'' and keeps askin me if ill burn my bra as
im from the seventies. if he had any sense or knowledge he
wud know that the female rebellion came about in the 6os
not the 70s, and so he has his facts totally wrong, as

enuff moanin, ttfn tartar 4 now

byyyeeeeee luv tiggeress

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