Me and More
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2003-01-13 21:20:13 (UTC)

Ahhh so many things....

Well, were should I start? Hmmm, How about how my vacation
in IL went.....

IT WENT BAD!!!!! For all you that don't know I went up to
IL to visit my ex-best friend. I thought things would be
great, but how wrong I was. I went up on DEC 22, until Jan
2. Too long. I should have gone to NY to visit Brett.
(Brett I'll mail out your sweatshirt when I have money LOL)
Anyway, Well I get there on DEC 22 and right off the bat
she acts like she hates me and didn't want me there. Then
later on into the visit, she starts ignoring me. All she
did was have sex and shit. Whenever I noticed something was
wrong and I asked she would never tell me but run to her
room and tell her Fiance and then have sex. Leaving me
there in her living room for the rest of the night. She
would do this often. They would sit out there for a while
then retreat to the bedroom. I'm pretty sure this falls
under being rude to your guest. And then, the day before I
leave, I asked her if she enjoyed having me there and she
said "I don't Know." That hurt badly. I thought I was a
good friend to her. After all I've helped her with I didn't
think she would say something like that let alone treat me
that way. I tried very hard to make this work in our
friendship. But I guess she didn't want it. At the airport
she didn't even want to wait or say good-bye. We got there
around 4:30-4:50, and she says she can't stay because she
has to get back to take her fiance, to work. He doesn't
have to be to work or rather leave for work until 6:30 or
so. His sift starts at 7:00pm. Please. That really hurt and
pissed me off. But it's OK. I'll live.

Some other stuff happened while I was there. For one thing,
my ex calls up and pretends that none of the shit he did to
me or my family happened, and that we like him. He called
on Christmas Eve. Ruined my holiday. My parents told me
that he called the house, THANK GOD I wasn't there. I hate
my ex with everything in my body. He stole from my parents,
beat me and mentally abused me. I have a very low self
esteem because of the 3 1/2 years we were together. I want
his ass in jail. That's all I can say. Even jail would be
to good for him.

Anyway, the other thing that happened, was with my sister.
She's gay and dating this really great girl. Well, our
parents know and are cool with her life choice. We all love
them both just the same. Well, the girlfriends parents
found out about them, and they aren't cool with it. And
they started accusing my sister about how she caused her
girlfriend to be gay and shit. It hurt me so bad to see my
baby Sis going through that. I hate ignorance. My sister
and her girlfriend are very much in love and they have to
struggle with this shit. Her girlfriends parents have told
her that she can't talk to my sister, have any contact with
her or her family, they have taken all her phone lines and
computer away from her. I wish there was more I could do
for them but I can't. I feel so bad that my sister and her
girlfriend have to experience this hate and shit.

So that's what happened while I was there. The Sister stuff
is still going on. But on a lighter note, I met a guy. He's
younger than me but he's great. I'm hoping to turn this
into something. At the moment we are dating. Which is cool.
He's the first guy I've met here where I live that has
respect for women, and likes them for what they are not
appearances. I'm very happy. I haven't felt like this in a
long while. For all of you that sent me a message through
this diary, thank you. Thank you for helping me keep my
hopes up. Thank you for your kind words.

That's about it for now. I will write more in this later. I
hope all who read this are as happy as I am right now. Have
a great day or night. :-)

-Happy Heather