The land of unknown
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2001-09-10 18:24:25 (UTC)

Falling Away from Nothing

i think now, i've been too much myself and i feel
distant from everything. it's interesting, when Lyz goes
through bad times and says she doesn't want to live,
people help her out. friends, strangers, they all pitch in
and let her know they care. and then when i go through
bad times and say i actually considered suicide,
nothing. i get no respons from any one. none of my
friends and no strangers. i'm left to deal with it on my
own. and i manage. but now, the place i spend the
most time in, is my own thoughts. i still don't have any
friends out here, and i haven't heard from my other
friends in several days. i got the chance to talk with
some of the ones i don't usually talk with. but now, i feel so
distant from everything. but not alone. and i don't feel
bad, but i should. i feel great, but so far from everything.
i don't really know why i still write in here. i haven't
gotten hardly any responses in weeks. maybe a month or two. i
don't really know if any one still reads this. when i'm
doing good, no one laughs with me, but when i need
help, no one is there to help me, but myself. and so life
goes on, alone.