The void
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2003-01-13 20:13:27 (UTC)

more rambling

deary meeeee...everyone keeps asking me if i'm ok. i really
am fine but they won't take that for an answer!what could
possibly be wrong with me? apart from them all arranging
things behind my back,not being able to chat to my b/f
online,being unemployed and broke,ill in many ways and
trying to get over self-harm. but that's not alot
i think it's safe to say that i love my boyfriend with all
my heart and i would do just about anything for him.he's
just perfect.He rings me almost everynight causing his
phone bill to be astronomical, listens to me when i'm in
one of my moaning moods. is always there when i need help
weather it's emotinal help, even computer help,makes me
feel happy and good looking because he doesn't stop
complimenting me, plus..he's gorgeous. he's the most good
looking goth guy i ever seen and he's mine! allllll mine!
he's about the only thing that's keeping me happy right now.
i was looking at ben and joe from college today and i
thought, why put on a fake personality when they are at
college or around people? it just makes others dislike
them. why not be themselves? people like the real them, not
the people they pretend to be. god, i hate it when people
try too hard and are not themselves!
my cold still hasn't gone. iv'e had it for over a week now
and it's pissing me right the fuck off!
god damn it!iv'e got TWO tests tomorrow!sociology and
philosophy. also, i'm determined to find out about the two
wierd guys in philosophy. they are always looking over at
our table and laughing amongst themselves.we have decided
they are either, taking the piss out of us, or they fancy
one two or maybe all three of us.hmm..i WILL find out.
one of my friends just sent me a few of her pictures, she's
really ffiiinnneeee.what i'd give to be that pretty.
trying to decide what sort of mood i'm in.maybe it's just
damn confused!i feel kinda...erm...annoyed and somewhat
anxious for some reason that is unknown to me.