Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-13 20:12:27 (UTC)

Without you, I'm all

Listening to: Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing/Scared of

Very busy day. But it wasn't too bad in the being treated
like shit and getting bitter stakes. They made me go to the
pub with them at lunch time after all. I just kept my gob
shut mostly and then got out. I think they're still twats.
Setup new PC for me and Katie. Jackie has been quite
aggressive as recent. I think they've all been talking
behind my back and jackie has decided she doesn't like me.
Thats alright, shes a fat fucker who looks like Patrick
Moore and her husband has a mental disease. I think she has
more issues than I do, therefore.
Working on organising laser force. Marion collered me on
way out of work and asked if she could invite "Thomas", a
student from switzerland whos working in BFMS for some
time. "I'll bring him down to meet you tommorrow, he has to
sit in the office with old people it would be nice if he
could meet the younger people at SKDC." Who? Me and
Johnathan? The two younger people there? And why? Am I a
charity case who needs friends. Yes/No delete as applicable.
"Well it would nice, even if you just went out for a drink
at lunch time together.." What? Is he gay? Am I gay? No!
Fuck off Marion! I dont like students, especially ones from
switzerland. And I dont need embarrassing situations like
that and some fuzzy haired bitch acting like my mother. I
can come home for that thankyou. Honestly. Is it me?
Speaking of students, tommorrow is college. Not finished
course work for allison...urm..I mean...Pancake the Hutt. I
know I dont have to get there early because of this
interview test thing I'm having...but I cant remember the
coursework I did for it (if any), I cant remember what time
and I just generally dont know whats going on. Oh well.
Such is my life. I have a really short attention span
sometimes and I'm so lazy. Gotta check on website.
Tawny wrote again. Shes cool kind of. I sent her a
questionnaire thing. I want tommorrow to be over quick.
Maybe I'll get run over on the way there and die. Maybe not

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