No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-13 20:07:07 (UTC)


hey! how are you? I'm alright. I've had a pretty good day.
I was a little late getting ready...I had to hurry...cuz
Trish woke up to ride the bus. I ended up ready 5-10
minutes before Terry came. I had my schedual changed 1st
Period. They switched my Math teachers. Which pisses me
off. GRRR. Yeah, and stuff. Didn't make me a happy camper.
I don't have Math with Eisha anymore. But, I'll live I
Other than that nothing really interesting has happened.
Trika and Terry still aren't talking. Jessica says I'm
stupid for even being his friend...she told him she'd BBQ
his nuts lol. It was crazy I guess. I wasn't there. Eisha
says I'm dumb...but to do what I want. I consider him a
best friend and I dont want to loose that. But, things are
Yeah, umm...I think thats about it. I'll talk at you later.