People are evil WHy?
2003-01-13 18:21:41 (UTC)


My house is a perverbiale Hell HolE!!!!!!!! Our house is a
two bedroom house. And it was bad enough that I had to
share a bedroom with my 11 year old brother! Two years ago
my 32 year old sister got arrested and her two kids came to
live with us! That was ok I guess, but then she got out of
jail and guess what she was pregnant! SO she had her baby
in september. HE is a year old now. So they have been
living with us for two years! Now guess what i am going to
say! Someone else moved in with us! My stupid aunt who is
always fucked up on pain meds! I had to carry her to bed
the other night! Damn that killed my back. SO if your not
very good at addition that is 9 people living in a 2
bedroom house!! Isn't there a law against that!? Well
signing off now. Buh bye.