Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-13 18:14:41 (UTC)

Monday again

Uffff...Today it's monday again,it wasn't such a
hard day though.Except for the atrocious sport class.And I
got a really nice book from the library ,it's so
interesting but I didn't really have time to read until now
and even now I don't have time to read...maybe when I get
hom,after I take a bath...
Actually,I got bad news right now and I'm
shocked.This girl Evrica(this is her nickname,her real name
is Alina) told me something bad about Ana.Ana is really
sick and starting with tomorrow she's gonna go to the
hospital.And this made me really sad because she is such a
nice person......Besides I bet that Florin just found out
about this and he is really sad too.She is his girlfriend
and he loves her as I could see.They are both 2 persons
very important to me and I don't like it when they have
problems.But I'll pray for them and I hope everything will
be fine....What else?...Nothing else....I'm waiting for
tomorrow and I'll meet Florin and he'll give me my
pictures back..Geez...I guess someone put a spell on those
pictures and noone is ever scanning them or what?He said I
should go to Aquarium and look for a guy(Marius) and tell
him I'm Florin's sister and the guy will scan them.Maybe I
will go if I have some free time.
Well....I only hope eveything is fine...and I only
hopw I'll find the thing I'm looking for one day.The
hardest thing it is to look for something you don't even
know how it looks like.I feel I need that thing,I feel that
will change my life and give it a sense,I feel it close and
trying to get into my mind.But I don't know what exactly is
that thing.So what am I looking for?....This sounds weird
and it is weird...
God in His great goodness will help to find it.....