Jerry Sikko

I am Lord Sikko
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2001-09-10 16:49:06 (UTC)

My name

Is my name Lord Sikko or Lord Sicko...

Therz been some misunderstanding about thisw hole things.
Errrr microsoft certification human brain chip installerrrr
initialized direct 13 error size pastichio flapo flapo wak
wak bill gates in my butthole razta fazta zoopity doo.

Wo. Sorry. Where wuz I?

Ahy es. My name is now Lord Sikko and any references to me
as lord Sicko are outdayted.

Wo... That feels like sex when that happens.

Today [email protected] showed me her penis.

My computer is still pregnant. Sometimes I put my head to
it's side and here the kicking. Today I sang to it and
showed it Litsa's bracelete.

"This is all yorz when yore born" I said.