Step inside the mind of a maniac
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2001-09-10 16:16:34 (UTC)


okay, this is my first ramble rant or whatever the hell you
wanna call it, i have a lot to say today, cause first
monday of the school year, i'm obviously , genuinely
annoyed , and whats worse is, first thing, thats 8.30am in
the monday, after a nice weekend, we have an ASSEMBLY FOR
yeah, and whats worse, is almost every assembly finishes
late, which means when we get to our registration room, or
tutor or whatever the hell you in your country call it. But
whats even worse than that, is that a bunch of year 7s ,
6th graders or whatever the hell you wanna call them, but
they're those annoying little 11 and 12 year olds, normally
they bug the hell outta me, the usual friends little
brothers and sisters etc, but this year, just ARGH!

I mean sure i mean assembly was fine, finished late as per
usual, meaning these kids were outside ( sorry if i repeat
myself, i'm rewriting cause aol the f*ckers kicked me off
=Þ ), and well, sure its fun to scare and confuse the hell
outta them, while we were waiting for our 'recovering'
alcoholic teacher to stumble up the stairs and unlock our
tutor room door, but i mean the whole day, the year 7s
seemed to be everywhere, its like theres a revolution ,and
theres more and more of them every day. I KNEW going the
first few day without seeing any was a bad thing, they were
EVERYWHERE. I mean it wouldnt be that bad , but i mean they
only come up to my WAIST. Which means either i'm really
tall, or they're getting smaller, or its something between
the 2. But i mean, how am i supposed to see them, and not
like accidently hit them or bump into them or something.

I suppose i'll just have to be extra careful

Yeah ok, there was supposed to be a little more to this
rant, but well, i got cut off and couldnt remember half of
what i was saying.

Anyway, g'bye for now, another update will come soon