Rock Starr

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2003-01-13 15:01:18 (UTC)


when i was younger, i was fascinated by all of the
different things, terrible and good that can happen in a
person's life. a social recluse, i escaped my complicated
world through books, fairy tales, love stories, turning
myself into a dreamer. i always wondered about being an
orphan or what it would be like to go through a war, but i
never thought it would happen; well sommetimes i did but i
was never as concerned until i had friends that i love in
the army and marines. Thankfully, Praise God!, I will see
my army friend this weekend; he ships out to Hawaii in
february. I don't kno if I will see Jon, who is a marine
for some time, he came home a few months ago and I called
him but didnt get to see him. He was supposed to come home
and be put in reserves but i havent' heard anything yet.
Even in my wildest most disturbed childhood fantasies i
never really knew if it would happen; nor am i sure now but
i know God is there; if relatives and friends die, God is
still there; if the U.S. gets bombed, God will be there to
help us carry on. No matter what, always love, believe, and
trust in God. You can never go wrong if you do.

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