Procrastination is Key
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2003-01-13 13:35:43 (UTC)

plesant weekend

I will probably have to do this in 2 sittings since I am
eating breakfast now and must leave for class soon
So I had to work all 3 days of the weekend- but I was off
for just enough time to celebrate Michael and I's one year
anniversary:-p I wouldnt have minded a little more time
though;-) I actually got my first paycheck in like a year
in a half just this friday- so the first stop on our outing
consisted of me buying the most comfy pj's ever for just
$20 from Victoria's Secret and a neat messenger bag for
just $15- gotta love the sales all over the place! I must
mention that before we went out I got my present- a digital
camera!!! wow- so cool. After the mall we went to Olive
Garden and waited...and tooks us probably about
1/3 the time to eat as to wait- i didnt even really like
what I got:-/ i guess thats what you get when you
experiment. I did get something extremely yummy though that
might make up for that- a frozen tiramisu- wonderful- i
recommend it- esp for the ladys since guys might find it
too girly looking to have all on their own:-p this is a
drink in case you were confused which may be served with or
without alcohol- but I cant vouch for its taste without.

ok- class time... part two coming up

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