Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-13 12:59:09 (UTC)

BRRRR... ugh I hate the cold

You know I really didn't mind the cold when I lived
somewhere where cold is suppose to be. When I lived up
north, I loved the cold, bc there was snow to play in. But
when you live in Florida and your having days as low as
30ths, it drives you fucking batty.

I am so really for a change, hopefully I can get a job
today or tomorrow. I really need to make some money fast.
Plus I'm going on a diet and hopefully it will become a bit
nicer so I can start walking again. DAmn, I just hurt
tomorrow will be slightly above freezing, ugh. OH fucking

I am so really for something new. I am so bored here. I
need something. Have you ever noticed how the news can be
depressing as shit. Fires, drug labs, and deaths... I need
to find something better to deal with.

Well, I have to send out my resume to crap jobs.

OH well.

Bye for now, I'm sure I will be back to bitch later.


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