2003-01-13 12:42:43 (UTC)

rich people tend to be strange

ENRIQUE. That was his name.

I was walking home from the market alone. Mother claimed
she wasn't feeling very well, which was probably why she
didn't go to the market with me.

Father had told us that Enrique was a friend of Lito's
nephew. He decided to come to our town to experience a life
different from that which existed in the city.

"Why does he want to do that Father?" I remembered asking
him that night.

He shrugged. "Rich people tend to be strange," he replied.

Walking back to our field and our home, I thought about
what Enrique might look like. Would he be tall and dark?
Fair and short? Goodlooking? Ugly? Would he be snooty? Or
would he be nice?

Pebbles littered the small road that I walked on. I hope
he's nice. I hope he treats my family well, because I am
certain my family will treat him well.

Somebody called my name. I turned around and found Myrna
waving and running to me. I stopped in my tracks and waited
for her.

"Are you having a visitor too?" she hollered from the
distance that separated us.

"Yes," I called back. "His name is Enrique. We're expecting
him tomorrow."

When she did stop beside me, she panted and broke into a
grin. "Enrique!" she exclaimed. "Ooh you are so lucky!"

I smiled. "Is that so?"

"Mm-hmm," she nodded. "We're having a girl over." She made
a face. "Her name's Chanel or something like that. She's
coming tomorrow, too."

"That's nice," I said.

"Anyway, that's not the point! I heard from Lito that this
Enrique guy is really handsome! And really intelligent too!
Lito's nephew said so!" Myrna's eyes danced with stars. "Oh
you must let me meet him!"

My heart was beating faster than usual. Myrna's excitement
was rubbing off on me.

"I wish we're having Enrique!" she sighed. "Then maybe he
can whisk me away from this town."

"It's not so bad here, Myrna."

"Yeah, well." She shrugged. "Anyway, apparently a lot of
people from the city are coming over tomorrow. And each one
of them is going to stay with one family here in our town."

"I wonder why," I asked.

"Why what?"

"Why they're coming over."

"Some sort of...uhm...immersion thing," Myrna replied with a
wave of her hand. A pause. "But you're right. I wonder why
they're coming to this little town of ours."

I shrugged. "Rich people tend to be strange," I echoed.